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Logging In

Login / Signin / Reset Password


  • Step 1: Login to your account with your user id & password. After successful login you need to add a camera and assign the product attendance Orbit.
  • Step 2:To add camera click “dashboard” after you take a tour after first login.
  • Step 3:Now you will be able to see your dashboard along with product assigned.

Dashboard Navigation

  • Camera Process:
    1. Camera List
    2. Mobile Camera List
    3. Here you can add employee and view all employee groups.

  • Employees:
    1. All Employees
    2. Employees Group
    3. Here you can add employee and view all employee groups.

  • Reports:Here you can view all attendance reports.
  • Help: Here you will find all user guides.
  • Notification:Here you can view all notifications.

Add Employee

Note: To use Face Recognition you need to add members and train the system for it.

Follow the below steps to add members

  • Step a: Click on Dashboard then employees then all employees
  • Now here you can Add employee or Choose Excel Format.
  • Now Click on Add Employee and fill out details.
  • Create a new group or add to existing group, as per your requirement.
  • After that click add.
  • Now you can see your member added successfully with its details
  • Now click upload Images for further steps.
  • Click on add Images and select at least 5 image per user.
  • Note:
    1. All images should be of passport size.
    2. Images should have clear visible face.
    3. Image should be clear bright light.
    4. Image should have taken with proper solid/dark background.
    5. Image should be taken without any spec’s/mask.

    ** You can also upload user detail in excel format. Download & view employee upload excel format.

Select all image and click upload.

  • Now click start Training.
  • After successful training you will get message “Training completed successfully”.
  • Note: Kindly add in “member list” if product is “secure orbit” otherwise add “employee list” if product is “attendance orbit”